Entrepreneurs and Inventors–Sikorsky’s Entrepreneurial Challenge

If you have answers to any of these five questions, you may receive support form Sikorsky to develop your business/invention!

Challenge Questions

  • How can your offering utilize vertical flight to better serve or create new markets?
  • How can your offering enhance transportation and mass transit using mobile devices and apps?
  • How can your offering detect or learn to detect patterns in big, complex, unstructured data sets?
  • How can your offering stop a speeding projectile or prevent an object from being seen, heard or identified?
  • How can your offering allow a complex machine to know more about its own health and capabilities?

See the Echallenge website for more details of this exciting competition. Also, Jonathan Hartman from Sikorsky will be discussing the competition at the next Inventors Association of Connecticut meeting, more details here.

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